to be or not to be a cougar

At the gym, I am surrounded by the young hot boys from USC, freshly acquired MBA grads, hungry job-climbing artist or money-crunchers, the Equinox trainers all wearing black, and a handful of 40-something year olds that are the second largest age-group living in DTLA. Number one age-group are the millieniels  ( 18-34 yrs).   So for being a cougar in my demographic, my choices are endless.  I usually go to the gym at the same time each day. I’ve already got a few crushes. There is Mr. Asian, USC kid that is a tall Japanese boy with long, beautiful black hair that when he ties up in a man-bun automatically makes me think he’s ready to sumo-wrestle even though he’s got the opposite build of one. Or that he’s ready to perform as a Geisha girl.  He’s a bit adrogenous which is appealing to me. I could literally stare at his face all day. Its exquisite. Then there is Mr. Farkakte, a shorter, stocky yet slim build with an ass like God knows how to make…… round and juicy. I bet he has perfectly placed dimples above those love mounds. Something about the intensity of his workouts makes me wonder how his fucks would be. Sexual stamina is important. Like Missy Elliott says “I don’t want no minute man”.  Nor do I. And I seem to like them young. Something about 20- 29 feels good to me. I started with a 25 yr. old. Went as low as 22. Currently in the high 20’s.  Life is very good here in the high 20’s. I think I’ll stay here awhile.

Seems silly right!  A 42 year old dating a high 20’s. #fuck donald trump! This is what pops up in my head when I feel like I want to conform and be like the norm.   I don’t know if its a trend right now with young guys wanting older women or if its always been in style. I’m not complaining and I’m not chasing either. They are chasing me. Its fucking amazing! Or it can be amazing if you’re open to hearing about current pop culture, memes, snapchat, #byefelicias, and so much more millieniel shit. I love hearing all about it. I always told my teenage self that no matter what age I was, that I would always listen to the latest top-40 list.  You also have to be ok with asking questions cause there is a jargon to this group.  Omg……and the sex……well, lets be fair and say that its not always great but with the right person…..oh yeah….I’m cumming and cumming and cumming some more. I mean whats the point to having sex  other than to passionately and sweatingly connect to your partner. The best is when I float during sex.  I’m in the moment. I don’t think about anything but me and my boo. The hair on his arms, the hair on his chest, the side profile of my lover’s face, the little bit of facial scruffle that makes my gliding fingerprints quiver as they slowly pass by. Him on top of me, him behind me, him beside me, me on top of him, me with his cock in my mouth, he with his face in my pussy.  Hearing his voice. Sometimes I make him speak Spanish to me, rarely German. I just want to get lost in him…in myself……in us…..blissful.